Concorso Italiano 2002 -- Camera Information

Camera was Canon Elph using Fuji Advanced Photo System ISO 400 film. Prints were scanned at 150 DPI on an Epson Perfection 1650 flatbed scanner. Conversion to JPEGs was in Adobe Photoshop at Medium (30) quality. [1] Most prints were 7 by 4 inches, resulting in approximate 1050 x 600 pixel images. Some images were cropped. A few were panoramic (wide screen) format. Most pictures were taken by my brother, and a few were by me.

In future I hope to use a Canon S200 or S300 digital camera. Capturing digital images directly avoids photographic printing, print handling, and manual scanning.

1. Higher scan resolutions or compression settings resulted in unreasonably large image files for web use. Some of these photos are quite good, if I may say so myself. If you are interested in reprint rights for higher resolution images, please contact me. I particularly like the quarter front view of the yellow Murciélago that I think my brother took, for example. Quail Lodge makes a very pretty setting also.