2001 Monterey Historic Races, Page Two

Mercedes gullwing racers, a beautiful green sportster, an Italian GP racer, Jaguar C-Type

Lotus Sports racers: silver Seven, 14, 15, 17 engine and footbox, Europa.

Lotus 18, and another open wheel Formula Junior car.

Lotus 23s are very popular historic racers. The Green 23 used pip pins for passenger seat rear fasteners, longitudinal bolts front and back for driver's seat. Historically correct engine is the Lotus Twin Cam. White car is on book cover. The last three pictures are from an unusual example with outboard chassis bracing that Len Terry tried on his other designs.

The front end of this Ginetta G4 was one of the inspirations of the Lotus Elise front. Note praticularly the grille opening, lights, fender bulges, and general front shape.

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