Mazda RX-8 Styling Impressions

When I saw the first RX-8 pictures I didn't like the styling much, but I'm liking it more now. The nose looks a lot like a single seat racer with fenders, like a Lotus 7 or Alfa or Maserati GP car from the 30s-50s. It's got a Romo-like tail as on RX-7, Miata, etc. All the lines are pretty interesting and pretty well-proportioned, while the overall result is perhaps not actually attractive. I'd bet it was styled in California. Some of the features are quite delicate like the A-pillar and front fender and even the roofline. Though I don't like the heavy Mays' style wheel arches, they do emphasize the wheels and make the sides more interesting that otherwise. As a 4 seater it's marginally more practical than a 2 seater and the rotary engine seems quite interesting.

Jeff Chan
February 2003