Palo Alto All British Car Day 2002 - Lotuses

The Golden Gate Lotus Club was well represented. After trying for several years, in 2002 the Lotus club won the attendence contest with 47 cars present!

This light blue former Lotus Elise was assembled as a kit using a 4 cylinder motorcycle engine. The engine is short enough to be placed longitudinally, in line with rear gearbox.

Ari Strauss keeps his black Lotus Esprit SE with black wheels looking sharp.

Ex-Jim Russell racing school Lotus type 51 Formula Ford racer is being restored. Who needs ramps when 4 guys can lift it onto the trailer!

Birkin brought 2 Seven replicas. One was a street model, the other an all-out racing model that has spent many hours on the track, including rental days at club events. The Ford Zetec-powered Birkins include a beautifully made, fully-adjustable pedal box.

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