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The Monterey Historic Automobile Races has several aspects: the car corrals where club members bring examples of their marque, the vendor area, the paddock, and the races themselves. The racing is generally not too heated here, given that there are sometimes cars from 3 or more decades in the same group, yet it's great to see them all running at their own speed. I also enjoy scrutinizing the cars in the paddock, comparing the many ways to design and build a race car. It's always entertaining to check the corrals to see what fans have driven to the track.

Italian Corral had Lancias, Alfas, Fiats, more.

The Lotus Corral was well represented with 2 UK plate Elises and the Titanium color Sun Elise, Sevens, an M100, Elite, Elans, Europa, Esprits, Xanthos 23.

BMW's vendor area tent included their Le Mans cars.

Bentley was the featured marque and many private Bentley's showed up, like this one seen from a low angle. Derek Bell was being interviewed at the Bentley corporate tent with this year's Audi-based Bentley Le Mans racer in the background but my pictures didn't come out, mostly due to operator error.

Pre-war Italian GP has a straight 8 with 4 valves per cylinder, individual exhaust runners, and 2 superchargers. It ran powerfully on the track.

French racers included this red Talbot, beautiful blue Peugot, Alpines, and more.

Alfa to Zagato.

Ferraris from the front engine era...

and the rear engine era were present. On the left is an early Le Mans Prototype. On the right is a later prototype racer.

Some nice street cars in the Ferrari club corral, and in the paddock.

Carroll Shelby and Carroll Smith's Ford GT-40s triumphed over Ferrari Le Mans Prototypes like the one above. The blue Gulf car is a fairly early model and the red car is quite late.

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