Concorso Italiano 2002 - Corrals

Non-Italian cars that gather at the car corrals, and the featured marque at the corrals usually mirrors the honored marque at the Monterey Historic Races. 2002 was the 50th anniversary of the Corvette, so Corvettes were the best represented, followed by BMWs. British and Porsche corrals were well represented among others.

The Corvette corral included the yellow Mosler MT900S Photon from the current Car and Driver Supercar Challenge. The Mosler is a honeycomb tub with carbon fiber bodywork race and street car. It has some Corvette components such suspension uprights, and Corvette-derived engine. It was the most impressive car there in my opinion since it's fully street certified, 2200 lbs and 400+ hp mid-engined. Was also designed almost entirely in a computer and in a relatively short time. Unlike previous Moslers which were styling abominations, the MT900 actually looks good if a bit plain. (I have more comments about the Mosler MT900 under my lightweight cars section.)

In the U.S., Renault marketed the mundane R5 hatchback as "Le Car". Hot, mid-engined R5 Turbo tries to shake that association with license place "LCAR NOT".

Lotus turn out was small but good. There were at least a half-dozen Esprits of various vintages, 2 Elites, a Caterham 7, a Europa, a BRG Elise S1 personal import car with U.K. number plates, a silver Sun International Elise with Honda power.

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