Concorso Italiano 2001 Cars

Cars from a variety of marques represented by many different clubs participated in the concours, meaning they're meticulosly cleaned and in some cases restored. This year in addition to overall categories, the best of a given marque were also selected. In some cases the marque or model winners were presented by their designers. Tom Tjaarda and Fabrizio Giugiaro made presentations for example.



Alfas, including a Montreal and Zagatos

And this pretty Alfa racer.

Concorso Italiano 2001 celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Lamborghini Countach. Diablos, Miuras, Espadas and other Lambos were also well represented.

Pretty Betas and other Lancias were present.


This little red racer was a favorite of many.

Siata Racer

Red Intermeccanica Italia

A Vespa scooter stand. Looks like they've gone overtly retro.

Zonda's latest model

This extremely rare Cizeta Moroder's V-16 engine sounded a little off on Friday but better on Saturday. Perhaps an Italian tune up (running flat out for a while) helped clear the highly unusual exhaust note.

A Dealer of Interesting Automobiles

A Southern California dealer brought a collection almost warranting a separate show. Several appeared to be former spec series race cars which could have had difficult prior lives.

Porsche 959's torque split gauge was visible.

There were two Buggati EB110s, with their quad turbo engines

A Lotus Exige

Several Jaguar XJ220s in street and racing form

And assorted Diabolos and other mid-engined exotics.

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