Concorso Italiano 2001 - Xanthos 23

Bob Simmons brought his Xanthos 23 Extreme to the Lotus Corral. I took lots of pictures and checked details to aid in completing mine.

Bob's car has a tach in large center position and a speedo to the side. Didn't notice what gauge is to the right of the tach. Dash is upholstered in grey marine foam and vinyl. Low density grey foam tape is wedged between vinyl and windshield moulding. High density foam tape used elsewhere on body is from Hoffmeyer Rubber Co in San Diego.

Supercharger installation is standard Jackson Racing. Stock crank pulley is used since it is factory balanced to engine. Front/side engine mount is removed and gets rubber cover.

Mine probably won't have the Supercharger. I will probably use the same exhaust, but have a different transmission vent and fuel line routing.

Charcoal canister feeds into intake and draws from fuel tank vent on filler neck. Check valve is on line between filler and canister.

I may need to get the bent rear shift rod from Bob to clear the 5 speed rear housing. My starter will be similar, but I will have a single speed sensor pickup. I will feed the speedo and engine computer with separate outputs from the speed signal conversion box. There may be room on the right side bottom for the catalyst if an entirely new exhaust were fabricated.

The slave cylinder mount is offset slightly towards the transmission by a small piece of 3/16 or 1/4 aluminum in order to clear the transmission adapter plate.

Click on a small image to see the full one.


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