Concorso Italiano 2001 - Corral And Street Cars

Bentley is the featured marque at the Monterey Historic Races this year, so the Bentley club was out in force at Concorso Italiano 2001. Bentleys ranged from early race cars to current touring cars. The cream and red tourer above had Grey Poupon on its rear table and a nicely fitted pantry or cooler built into the trunk (boot).

Many BMW club street cars were present. Most interesting were the BMW Isetta and a side-by-side of the new M3 Convertible and a predecessor. Essentially a three wheel covered motorcycle, the Isetta was licensed from the Italian firm Iso Rivolta following the Second World War. Like Iso, BMW was trying to get back on its feet building the inexpensive and practical but quirky transportation these provided.

On the other end of the BMW scale, and on opposite ends of the BMW corral from the Isetta, the BMW Z8 had nice lines and a stylish if impractical interior. The M5-based Z8 is selling at more than double the price of the M5. That's good marketing....

The Lotus Corral was well represented. I should have my Xanthos ready well before next year's event.

Many Ferraris and other Italians were in the Italian Car corral or parking areas and not in the concours, including this street 355 Spyder and Boxer.

Lots of other Britcars including this Healey, Jags were in the corrals as were many Acura NSXs, Mercedes, etc.

Someone drove a Vector and a Lotus Elise in. The Black Elise had UK number plates and a damaged right rear fender (wing). The Yellow Vector had fashionable yet hideous Ostrich leather.

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